How do I get started?

Start with a No Sweat Intro. This gives our Head Coach an opportunity to discuss what’s important to you with regards to your fitness goals.

Do you offer private sessions?

Absolutely. We offer 1 on 1 single private sessions or packages. As well as small group private sessions and 30 min skill sessions. See our pricing.

Do I need to be a certain fitness level?

No. We are eager to accept all those who are eager to commit to a healthy lifestyle, of any age and fitness level/experience at CrossFit Chronic. We encourage everyone to schedule a No Sweat Intro so the Head Coach can meet with you to discuss your fitness goals.

I’ve done CrossFit before. Can I skip the Fundamentals?

Yes, experienced CrossFitters can schedule a test out with a Coach. This is not a physical test. What we are looking for is a solid knowledge base (you do not need to be an expert) so you can safely participate in group training.

I’m visiting and belong to another CrossFit.

We would love to have you join us for a WOD, You have options. Single visit or 5 session punch card. Just sign up online.

Is CrossFit Chronic child friendly?

Yes. We love our children and think CrossFit is a great environment where they will be exposed to exercise and fitness. We have a Hangout Zone for the kids (10 and under) to hang out while parents work out. Kids should bring electronic games etc. to encourage quiet time and provide all kids of all ages a safe environment. All Kids must stay in the hangout zone at all times for their safety as well as our members safety. They should never play on equipment or swing from bars, bands or ropes. The hangout zone is maintained by the parents that use it. Please clean up prior to leaving.

What should I wear?

We are in a temperature controlled environment. So no extreme heat or cold here at CrossFit Chronic. In the summer keep sun block in your bag, a hat, and sun glasses. Always have 1 or 2 spare hand towels. Wearing gloves on the pull up bars and especially during kettlebell swings can be dangerous and is not allowed unless you have a medical reason for wearing them or you are a massage therapist. Gymnastic grips are permitted. If you need a little nutrition before or after the workout we sell pre and post workout bars and beverages.

What about discounts?

NO BOGO, Groupons, or special people discounts. Why we don’t have sales, discounts, Groupons or problems.

We have decided that we will not discount or offer Groupons for our memberships. That may sound strange to you, but we believe that you get what you pay for. You are paying for instruction and coaching. Our membership rates allow us to staff the gym with the best instructors, ensure we have top-of-the-line equipment, and a facility for you to achieve your fitness goals. Simply put, discounting our services would only mean that we can’t offer you what you need, and do not stand behind the product we endorse. Everyone will be treated equally and receive the best top notch service as the next person.

Should I workout everyday?

New or not we suggest you workout at least  3 days per week. Beginners will work on establishing a routine of carving time into their schedule for exercise and will work on developing movement patterns and knowledge of exercises. As you progress weight will be added and intensity. This process can take up to 3 months if exercise and CrossFit is new to you. Rest and recovery is essential. Rest doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the couch. You can go bike riding, play with your kids and work on mobility.

Can I put my membership on hold?

We do not put holds on month to month auto pays or 6 month commitment unless you have a written doctors note (see contract). If you decide to cancel your auto pay or not renew your 6 month commitment your cancellation must be submitted via email 7 days prior to your auto renew. If you cancel your membership and you have been CrossFitting for less than 6 months you may be required to test out prior to reentering group training. If the coach decides that you need to take fundamentals again your test out fee will be applied to your Fundamental cost.

Can I get a refund on my membership? I think I’m going to quit. I haven’t used my membership much this month.

No. It’s up to you to utilize your 1 month of unlimited CrossFit. It’s simple and fair.

How do I cancel my membership?

Just email us at It’s that simple. Keep in mind that you must submit your cancellation request 7 days prior to your auto renew or your account will be billed a $25.00 processing charge. We do not refund unused portions of memberships. It is your responsibility to know your auto renew date. No exceptions. It’s simple and fair.