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1): Olympic technique work (We re-test the Olympic lifts on Monday)

-Pause snatch 4×1 @ 40%-60% of snatch
*3-second pause at launch & in receiving position

-Pause C&J 4×1 @ 40%-60% clean or jerk, whichever is less
*3-second pause at launch and in split

WOD FT of:
-200m run
-10 power snatch 65#/95#
-400m run
-10 power snatch
-200m run
-10 power snatch
*Fitness 55/75
*Comp 95/135

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1): OHS: 85% x3, 90% x2, 95% x1

2): BENCH: 40% x5, 50% x5, 60% x5 (deload)


3): WOD: 3 RFT:
-500m Row
-15 bench press (95#/135#)
*first rd of bench should be unbroken

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From CrossFit New England – Iron Patriot
50 Strict Press 65/95#
* Every time you break complete 15 Abmat Sit-ups

Conditioning 4x200m run
* 2 min rest between each

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1): (2 snatch lift-offs + 2 snatch pulls)=1 rep
*1 rep at 100%, 110%, 115% of snatch

Compare to 050216

Partner A does 1 rep of Bear Complex (you choose the weight)
-front squat
-shoulder to overhead
-back squat
-back shoulder to overhead
*(you may combine into squat clean thruster, back squat thruster)
Then partner B does 1 rep
1 point per lb. of weight completed. Example, if each person completes complex with 100#, they get 200 total points for that rd.

After 1 rep of Bear Complex, run for points!
100m run= 10pts
200m run=20 pts
300m run=30 pts
400m run=40 pts
*partners can run different distances, but both must return before another rd. on barbell
*partners can share barbell or have their own. Barbell weight can go up or down, but you can’t change weight halfway through a rd.
*record total points for each rd of bear complex and running. Bring a calculator. Score is total points for 15:00 AMRAP.