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Mary K.

A friend and member of CrossFit Chronic gave Mary a gift certificate to UNLOADED classes. “I had never lifted weights before and seeing people do rope climbs and pull ups was intimidating at first,” says Mary. But it didn’t stop her from coming back. Now she’s well on her way to mastering those very same movements.

Mary’s physical changes after just 5 months of consistent exercise are apparent. Just take a look at her images from March on the left and her maryfrontphotos taken this August on the right. She says the scale hasn’t budged much but the proof is in the pictures and tracking of progress in workouts and lifts. There is a noticeable difference in skin tone, posture, muscle definition, her over all shape is changing. She agrees to having more energy as well as physical and mental stamina.

“A great side effect of joining the CrossFit Chronic family has been meeting and spending time with incredibly motivated people,” Mary says. “They cheer on each other and make note of your improvements.”

Mary’s biggest surprise so far has been how strong she has become. She has the strength to move furniture, carry a carload of groceries and a baby up a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat.

“Mary is an awesome athlete,” says Coach Christina. “She always gives everything she has in every WOD!”

You rock Mary. And we hope you’re success inspires others.