Here is where you can add a paragraph or two why someone would want to choose your box over the competition. Why do you do what you do? Tell your story.

Our members are part of a community committed to the same common goals – living healthy, active lifestyles and inspiring others to do the same. Ego’s, bad attitudes and pride are checked at the door. We offer a clean, friendly, drama free, professionally run facility. 

As a member you will be a part of the shared experiences of putting it all on the line, the struggling, the suffering, the perseverance, the joy of setting a personal record, the excitement of competition, the camaraderie and physical and mental transformation that takes place from personal effort and dedication create an intensity and community that are unequivocally unique to CrossFit.

We believe in being coached. Our class size is capped at 15 for this reason. Our Coaches are tireless in their teaching efforts. They’ll know when to pull you back or tell you to pick up the bar. They continue to improve their knowledge base because CrossFit and Coaching CrossFit is their passion. They know what if feels like to be where you are and you will find them often in the box doing the WOD along with other members. They practice what they preach. They are experienced, involved, and invested coaches.

With all this talk about learning, suffering and dedication, it’s important to note that fun happens at CrossFit Chronic regularly. We not only WOD together but socialize together, we do business with each other, we help each other out through family crisis and we have enough children between all of us to start a small private school. We are more than just a team in training. We are CrossFit Chronic.